Exporting Data from IRESIS – Northern Colorado

Using IRESIS to Increase Listings in Grid

Before you start exporting data, you must first increase the number of listings in the Grid.  The IRESIS default is to limit the number of listings in the Grid to 250.  This means you will only be able to export 250 records.  The procedure below shows you how to increase the number of listings in the Grid to 400 (the maximum allowed).  You will only need to change the setting one time. 

After you login, use the downarrow left of your name to see the options shown below.  Note that when you login, you name will be located at the top left of the IRESIS screen. 

Once you have the options displayed, select the “Preferences” option.  Once you do that you will see a screen comparable to that shown below.

When you have this screen showing, find the “Number of Listing in Grid” option.  Place ‘400’ in the blank box and select it as shown below.  Then accept the changes by pressing the “Save Changes” button located at the top left of the screen. 

You are now ready to export data. 


In selecting data from IRESIS be sure to select the options below:

On the “Status” option select the all the status options.  Note that if you leave them all off, the system will default to select them all.  Additionally, place the “Off Market Date” of 1/1/2016 to collect data from the last two years (this assumes that we are currently in the 2018 timeframe).  Notice in this example we are looking for all the activity in the respective subdivision.  Once we press the Search button, we see the result screen. 

Export and Saving Data to a File

Notice that we have circled the “export” function.  The export function will be used to export data to a file.  When you select the export function (by pressing on it) the following dialog box will be displayed.   

There are several different export formats that you can select.  To see all the different export formats, press the “down arrow” button. 

When you press the down arrow button you will see several choices.  Select the “Export71Fields” option. 

Once you have selected the Export71Fields option you are ready to save the file.  Press the “Export” button to save the file.  When you press the button the following dialog box will be displayed.

Description: Description: Save

Press the “Save” button to save the file.  You will be able to save the file to a location on your computer.  The file will be saved as a “.TXT” file type.

You will need to remember where you saved this file (and the name of the file) when you use the Focus 1st Application.  In most computers the file will be saved in your download directory. 

Now that you have saved the results of your search in an export file, you are ready to run the Focus 1st application.