Exporting Data from FLEXMLS


In selecting data from FLEXMLS be sure to select the options below:

On the “Status” option select all the Status Options.  Additionally, place the starting date of 1/1/2007 in the “Close of Escrow Date” and “Off Market Date” Dates.  These options will make sure that data needed to create the appropriate graphs, is collected and yet limit the export file size.  

You should also make your normal selection choices by selecting other options that you would normally select in doing a CMA. 

Once you’ve selected the data, you are ready to export the results.  To export the results, select the  option as shown below (or press the “Export” link located in the middle of screen just below the “listings matched your search” display. 

Once you’ve selected the ‘Export’ option you will see the Export Dialog box shown below. 

On the “2” selection make sure the “Generic Text Export” option is selected.  Then on “3”, enter the verification text in the box and then “4”, press the  button.  You will see the “FlexMLS Text Export” screen. 

Make sure the “Save File” option is selected and then press the  button and save the file.  Your file will be saved to the disk.  Your file will be saved as a “textexport.csv” file.  However, we recommend that you rename the file to represent the search criteria. 

Be sure to remember where you save your file.  This is the exported file that will be used to create your graphs. 

Once you have your exported file, you are ready to run the Neighborhood Buying Patterns application.  When you run the application you will need to point to the exported data file, so make sure that you’ve placed the file in an easy to find place.  For instructions on how to run the Neighborhood Buying Pattern application, be sure to see the Neighborhood Buying Pattern manual (installed on your desktop when you installed the application).